We sell tasty
traditional white & free range bronze turkeys


Free option of having your turkey crowned

We will crown your turkey at no extra cost

You also get to keep all the leftovers.

The leftovers are great for making into curries, drumsticks, butties, etc

You can decide on collection if you want this option. We'll be happy to chop your turkey for you

Quality turkeys that you simply won’t find in the supermarket

Want to know why our turkeys are better than the factory farmed birds from the supermarket?

Because our turkeys are raised the natural way - reared on a cereal-based diet.

A diet which is free from antibiotics and growth promoters.

It costs a little more it takes longer to raise turkeys the natural way.

But it makes our birds juicer, tastier, and safer to eat.

What type of bird do you want to feed to your family at Christmas?

Would you like to feed your relatives a natural turkey or cheap factory bird full or drugs and growth hormones?

That’s why it’s worth paying a little extra and buying your turkey direct from the farm. A farm which raises the birds nature’s way.

So, choose Atkinsons turkey dinner. You’ll taste the difference.

But don’t wait around. We’re not a massive farm. We sell a limited number of turkeys per year.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So, order now so you don’t miss out.

To buy a turkey click the image below or select the 'shop' in the main menu

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Our turkeys are bred in the country,

away from the city and pollution